In collaboration with the Department of Communication Disorders, Hadassah College

The kit is intended to increase motivation during therapy practice whether at the speech clinic or at home

13 game kits according to the treatment method of Dr. Avivit Ben David

Language and speech

Language development consists of, vocabulary, and syntax.
Speech development is divided into two partsthe first being consonants and sounds and the second, word structure composed of different syllables.
The longer the word, the harder it is to pronounce.
When a child receives a diagnosis, they are assigned a number of treatments with a speech therapist which is accomplished once a week at a communication clinic.

Design process

 The design inspiration from anthroposophical study

Does not determine the childs imagination

A simple toy, built with general outlines, activates the child’s imagination

The mechanical mechanism is visible to the child and the process of cause and effect is not left in the possession of “magic”